Giethoorn by boat

Giethoorn by boat. Because you will like it.
Giethoorn, a typical Dutch town surrounded by several lakes situated in the province of Overijssel. And here you can see perfectly see how the Dutch created their very special lifes with and on the water. In an environment full of lakes, reed lands and forest swamps you will find this typical town with its beautiful farmhouses and innumerable characteristic wooden bridges.

Here in this town built on small islands only accessible by small bridges, the Bluewaters will sail you during a 4 hours cruise through this wonderfull area.
So the waters around Giethoorn are the place to be, because there is so much to see, because by boat you feel the real Giethoorn.

We show you the hotspots of this picturesque watertown with its canals and wooden bridges. And we also sail you to several lakes and forest swaps where nature will amaze you.

A maximum of 3 passengers quarantees you an optimal attention and service.

Pictures taken by nature photographer Luc van Erkelens.

The Bluewaters located in Giethoorn. Giethoorn by boat.? Welcome
The Bluewaters is a stable and sturdy boat, a so-called flat-bottomed boat with a length of almost eight meters and a width of 2.40 meters. The Bluewaters is a cabin boat partially covered and offers ample space for a maximum of 3 passengers. The Bluewaters is rented with a skipper only. So ask us for more info and we love to tell all about it. So please visit us and discover Giethoorn by boat.

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The peat extraction in Giethoorn
The lakes around Giethoorn were created by peat extraction long time ago. Because the demand for peat increased, the dredged draft holes widened and the fields narrowed. Sometimes so extremely narrow that during a storm the land was knocked away by the strong waves. This is how the large lakes in De Wieden around Giethoorn were created. The remaining pull holes will gradually closed. But this water landscaping process knows various stages, including rare floating and vibrating bogs. This is a thin floating vegetation that moves with the water underneath.

Peat extraction made Giethoorn what it is now.

Scorpion moss and special sedge and orchid species grow in quaking peat. In order to preserve the various landing stages with associated animals and plants, The Dutch nature society is opening up overgrown draft holes and dug new ones. These holes then close up again. After fifty to sixty years, swamp forest has come to life again, consisting of alder, willow and birch. Such a swamp forest is valuable for birds. And in summer, large groups of cormorants fish in the Giethoorn area. In winter, many ducks such as merganser, crested and pochard stay there.

Discover the Weerribben National Park up close!
The Bluewaters takes you from Giethoorn to the most beautiful spots of the Weerribben and Wieden National Park, where you can enjoy the most unspoilt piece of nature in the Netherlands. We organize exclusive cruises for three passengers max. So come and sail with the Bluewaters and let’s visit those interesting watervillages such as Giethoorn, Jonen, Dwarsgracht, Muggenbeet and much much more. Giethoorn by boat, sail with the Bluewaters.
You like to be  skipper yourself than rent your own boat at Giethoorn Noord. Beautiful easy to handle sloops will bring you every you want in this magnificent area.

Reed and grassland in Giethoorn. 
The reed and hay meadows are mowed regularly, otherwise they would turn into a swamp forest. By removing the clippings, the hayfield remains sparse. Special plants and flowers such as special orchids and marsh marigold grow in this area. Along the sides of the ditch is water sorrel, where the large fire butterfly deposits its eggs. The caterpillars eat from the same plant and then pupate there too. The Dutch nature society, when mowing the meadows, make sure that this plant, as well as the nectar plants loosestrife and queen’s wort, remain intact. The nature society mows some pieces of reed once every two or three years. This is where perennial, sheltered reed is formed in which the great reed warbler and bittern build their nest. The grasslands are mowed late, so that meadow birds such as the black-tailed godwit and the snipe can raise their young.
Sightseeing Giethoorn by boat is a wonderful experience and be sure of the fact that we show you the way through this beautiful land- waterscape.

Cruising on board of the Bluewaters, Discovering the Giethoorn canals and lakes by boat. A wonderful and exclusive experience. Up to three passengers. We show you spots where you can shoot great and breathtaking pictures. Come and we show you Giethoorn by boat. Be our guest.